The field of real estate is ever-changing and expanding. Even in smaller markets, the competition is vigorous and standing out takes effort. Some have turned to billboards while others to genie lamps, but the smart ones are turning to social media. I can hear you now, “But anyone can create an account and post their listings.” But not everyone will secure their following. Lucky for you, we’ve got some #TipsForYourTuesday! Here are 10 social media ideas for the real estate marketer. 👇

1) Home Improvement

Your knowledge goes far beyond buying and selling, so prove it! What are the latest kitchen trends? How can you make your entryway more welcoming? Think “Chip and Joanna” or “Property Brothers.” If they can do it, so can you!

2) Fun Facts

There has to be something interesting about your community! Maybe the area has a rich history, or a celebrity is in town for the week. 

3) Favorites

Highlight your favorite coffee shop, retail center, grocery store, park, or any type of local business and why. Tag these businesses and you never know, they may share your recs!

4) Local News

If something noteworthy happens in your area, why not share a news article about it? This shows you are aware of what’s going on in the community. 

5) Clients

It doesn’t hurt to brag on yourself every once in a while...Ask a client for a written or video testimonial about why they enjoyed working with you! 

6) Children and Pets

It’s likely your potential buyers or sellers will have a baby...or fur baby. Give your best tips for childproofing, moving with an animal, schools/daycares, or vets in the area! 

7) Answer Questions

Pick a day once a month, and go “live” on social media. Answer questions on the spot and you’ll build a trusting relationship with your audience. You could even choose a different topic each time!

8) Renovation Resources

They’re sold! But once they’ve moved in, what can you offer? Share your favorite easy and inexpensive ways to add value to a home. 

9) Provider Guide

Make a list of the most popular doctors, dentists, chiropractors, etc. in your area. 

10) Listings

Oh yes, the obvious! Promote open houses, plans for new construction, or local property transactions. 

We hope that our list of "10 Social Media Ideas for the Real Estate Marketer" got the wheels turning for some of you real estate marketers! Interested in learning more about promoting your business using digital presence? Schedule a free discovery call with our team today! 📞