Does today feel like the Monday-est Monday ever? Well, I just checked my watch and it’s time to cheer up. We’re going to approach #MarketingMonday a little different this week - and in a very Creative Edge-esque way by taking a jab at your funny bone. Join us for a laugh, or even an “I know, right?!” by checking out “8 Memes Every Digital Marketer Can Relate To.” Are you #relatable?
1 | Pro- tip...know your audience and the channels they respond best to. Total timesaver.
2 | LaFawnduh, you better watch out.
3 | Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again.
4 | No worries Sir, I’ll just take my flying unicorn to the moon and talk to the one who oversees all of that.
5 | “Honey, have you seen my glasses? I'm trying to read…” “What was that, dear?” “’s gone now.”
6 |’s dog pics. Just post those.
7 | Just note that if you have trouble waiting for an elevator, you can’t work in SEO.
8 | I’m listening. We hope you enjoyed our "8 Memes Every Digital Marketer Can Relate To." If you can relate, you’re DEFINITELY a digital marketer! Looking to bring your brand to the next level? Schedule a free discovery call with our team today. 📞