{CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO, MARCH 2020} New hires, promotions, and exciting projects on the horizon, have all made February a busy month for the Creative Edge team!

Last month, we happily welcomed the new Vice President of Strategic Development, Austin Bollinger. Not so new to the family, Austin, is pleased to be rejoining the Creative Edge team after filling 5 different roles over the past 7 years at Element 74.

Bollinger says, “I hope to use my skills in sales, operations, and leadership to help Creative Edge grow in a very strategic way, by taking new products and services to market.” In his free time, he enjoys lifting weights, running, cycling, and spending time with his wife, Callie, and their two dogs, Lily and Rosie. Also, he has just published his first book, Crush Your Goals! We look forward to watching Austin crush his goals, here at Creative Edge.

We also welcomed a new Office Assistant, Jacquelyn Kiefner. Jacquelyn studied musical theatre in college and has performed professionally for about four years now - her most recent role being Sophie in Mamma Mia. Outside of the workplace, she enjoys writing music, working out, reading, and roaming the internet to learn new things. Kiefner says, “I’m excited to learn new ways to hone my creativity at Creative Edge and learn new skills from really cool people in the industry.”

In addition to two new hires, two of our team members have been promoted! Previous Office Assistant, Tayler Campbell has recently moved up as Project Manager. After just a few months, it became clear her skill set would be better utilized in this role. In several previous positions, she has helped develop standard operating procedures and held both training and leadership roles. Tayler looks forward to building partnerships with our clients, working hands-on with more of her coworkers, and the opportunity to learn from the creatives that surround her.

Payton Beck, our previous Project Manager, has taken on a new role at Creative Edge as Senior Market and Research Analyst. Payton is currently working remotely from Springfield, MO, where he lives with his wife, Megan, his dog, and two cats. This spring, he will obtain his undergraduate degree in business and looks forward to starting his MBA this summer. Payton said, “I’ve been able to affect so much during my time here at Creative Edge. I am excited to see where my new position will take me!”

Varonnica Kirn, Vice President of Client Success said, “We are so thrilled to be adding new faces and to be able to watch the growth and development in our team. It’s always so exciting and fulfilling to be able to promote from within the company and watch the team thrive in their new roles!”


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