You’ve written that kick-BUTT ad copy and posted it to all social platforms. The performance was great for the first couple of days but it started to die down. So where do you go from there? This #MarketingMonday, we’re going to be learning about effectively promoting your content- so no good idea burns out! Before you even post that awesome piece of content for the first time, I want you to think about what experience you want to provide your audience...and who makes up that audience. Think about what emotions you hope to elicit when that person reads your copy. Establish the goal behind posting that material and never let it leave your mind!


After you post a piece of content, you should immediately draw attention to it! Here’s a quick example. Say I just posted a new blog on my Facebook feed. One way I could draw immediate attention to it would be by linking it to my Facebook Story, telling people to check it out! Your original post will actually get more views from doing this because you are heightening your chances to reach more people. One of the easiest ways to highlight content is on Instagram. Post a photo and use the “Add to Story” feature. A preview of your post will be directly sent to your Instagram Story, allowing you to add texts, stickers, and tags. Utilizing these tips also shows people that you feel it is important enough to talk about twice, making them more likely to take a look.


First we have to address the difference between highlighting a post and promoting it. Highlighting a post is when you are immediately giving it recognition- as explained in the examples above. Promoting a post is when you are “reincarnating,” in a sense, previous content. This will allow you to get the most out of it! Here’s a pro-tip. Only promote the content that performed well when you first posted it! This may seem obvious but if it only got 2 likes to begin with, it probably isn’t going to help anyone to bring it up again! On the other hand- if it got likes, shares, or any engagement, it would be a great idea to share for a second time! If you know you were successful at providing that audience experience, why not give it another shot and see who else you can impact!


When you’ve chosen what piece of content you are ready to promote, it’s time to send it out! Well...not quite yet. There’s not necessarily a right or wrong way to do it, but if you want to be effective here is how! You want to customize the promotion across each channel. If you are planning on resharing material on Twitter and Instagram, change up the wording a bit for both. If consumers saw your content the first time around, this will gently remind them, but also add something different to what they already know! Effectively promoting your content is a great tool for driving traffic and engagement to your social platforms!