Welcome, all to this week's Marketing Monday! Today we are going to answer one of marketing's toughest questions. How can you think BIGGER? We all struggle with thinking up out-of-the-box ideas, so let's work on it! As a marketing company, we’re expected to think outside of the box, but marketers and “creatives” aren’t the only ones who can and should think bigger! Thinking in this way helps with problem-solving and strategizing as well as finding ways to put your plans into action. Key characteristics of an out-of-the-box thinker include: 1) fluency 2) flexibility 3) originality 4) sensitivity to a problem 5) the ability to transform something known into something new. If these traits don’t sound like you, don’t worry! Everyone has the power to think creatively, even if it doesn’t come easily. Practice makes perfect! So keep building up these traits through creative games and exercises in order to stretch your brain. Check this link out to find some quick and fun activities you can use to build those creative muscles and begin thinking out of the box.