In order to effectively run a business, you have to have a plan. Not just a plan of action for the day-in and day-out “stuff”, but a kick-butt plan to promote your brand. Because your business' unique marketing plan sets the stage for your brand’s awareness, it will have a direct effect on our overall success. Today, we’ll be going over the steps of a marketing plan and why having one is so important. So grab your coffee and your notepad, it’s time to get started!


To begin, you have to think about what fuels your fire- where you’re going and why you started. What are your short term goals, or things you hope to accomplish in the near future? What will it take to knock these out of the park? Then look ahead. Where do you see yourself in years to come? What are your long term goals? It can be helpful to write these down and keep them close, so you can look back when you need a reminder. When you’ve determined where you’re going, think back and remember why. What makes your business unique and why should people buy from you? Solidifying your vision and mission will drive your marketing plan.


Next, you’ll have to identify what you’ve got- or your assets. Whether you’ve thought about it before or not, every business has a method of getting their name out what’s yours? Identify what, where, and why you’re advertising! Take a complete audit of what you’ve been doing to build your consumer base. Is your current marketing strategy more on the digital or traditional side? Is that the best outlet to reach your consumers? The goal here is simply to make a mental note of what you’re already doing. As a pro-tip, remember that this accumulation of content will constantly need updating based on your audience and time frame!


Going back to what matters to you, think about who you want to market to. What kind of people make up your current consumer base? Are you looking to stick with that group or expand on it? Consider the product or service that your business is offering. What specific kind of person will  be interested in you? This is where your buyer personas come into play. Pan out the demographic details of your target audience and strive to market directly to them! Developing a quality marketing plan for your business is a task that requires thought and reflection. Taking these steps to develop your marketing plan will tremendously impact your business along the way.