For #MarketingMonday today, we’re going to talk about the content that publicizes itself...User Generated Content. Before we dive into the this and that, let’s look at what UGC actually is. User Generated Content can be defined by ADWeek as “content related to a brand that is voluntarily produced by its customers.” So what might this look like?

Real-World Examples

I’m sure you’ve all seen a Coca Cola bottle with someone’s first name on it. The “ShareACoke campaign” was created to increase consumer engagement and start conversation related to the Coca Cola brand. People went crazy over this, and began sharing their own content promoting #ShareACoke. Another awesome example of this was when Aerie released their #AerieReal campaign.

The Aerie Instagram account posted an unedited swimsuit photo prompting followers to post their own unfiltered poolside pic. For every photo posted, the company promised to donate $1 to the National Eating Disorder Association. The feedback received was incredible, leaving Aerie to cap the donation at $15,000. Not only did the company donate to a great cause and engage their consumer base, but they also were able to pick up some free advertising in the process.

So why should your business increase its use of user generated content? It’s simple...there are so many benefits requiring minimal effort on your end! If you think about it...exactly how much is a consumer going to trust you when you say that your product is the best? But think about if 1,000 other people just like that one consumer used and promoted that product. They might actually believe it!

79% of consumers say that user generated content greatly impacts their purchase decisions. (Stackla)