The real estate world is becoming more and more competitive as time passes- and that’s why many agents are beginning to use social media to showcase their homes! When managing social media, there are many things to keep in mind. So we’ve come up with a list of 4 things to remember with real estate marketing and social media.


You may already know this from personal experience, but potential buyers aren’t just committing to a home; they’re committing to a whole town. It’s important to show them all of what they are buying into. Generally, this can include anything from size, to information about the school district, to ways you can get involved in the community! Using the element of storytelling can be successful at painting a picture of the area. “78% of home buyers surveyed responding that neighborhood quality is more important than the size of the home” (National Association of Realtors)


#YouKnowYouWantTo. It’s simple- hashtags promote discovery. Did you know Instagram has a new feature that allows you to follow a particular hashtag? So just imagine the amount of people that would come across your photo on their news feed! The app currently allows you to tack on 30 hashtags per photo- which should be enough for the most popular of your industry. But what are they? Here are a few: #realestate, #propertylisting #homeforsale #yourbrokeragename #homesweethome #locationofhome #openhouse3


When it comes to social media, it can be easy to fall into a routine of posting the same content with the same general idea. You don’t want that! Stay relevant by keeping up with social media trends. The goal is to present a variety of posts whether it be photo, video, graphic image, animation, etc! This way, you have built a follower base that genuinely looks forward to seeing you on their news feed. “The retention for visual information is 65%, versus just 10% for text” (HouseLens)


It won’t do anyone any good if all you’re doing is having a conversation with yourself. Building relationships with your followers is key-and interaction & engagement can help you achieve this! But in order to interact, you must first be sure you are reachable. Is your contact information present on your profiles? If your content sparks an interest among potential clients, you’ll want to have this available. Following these real estate marketing pointers can help you surpass the competition while optimizing channels of communication with future clients!