They’re the most technology-centered generation. They’ve grown up using smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. They’re even likely to spend on average 3 hours daily using social media platforms. Who are they? They’re Generation Z- and by 2020 they’ll make up around 40% of consumers. Here is what you need to know about generation z!

First, Generation Z is made up of those currently ages 13-24 years old. Because they’ve grown up with an inclination for all-things technology, it’s important in reaching them to know where to go.  Did you know only 10% of Facebook users are under the age of 24? This means that when targeting them, you shouldn’t run straight to Facebook. The most popular platforms among this generation are YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat- primarily because of their visual content including photo/video/graphic.

Generation Z is said to have the attention span of around 8 seconds or less (Forbes)

In marketing products and services to this age group, it is important to create content that is both fast and effective. This means that the goal should be to educate them-while also entertaining them. So why, as marketers and business owners, should you care about appealing to this generation in particular? Well...the numbers don’t lie.

“They already represent up to $143 billion in buying power- and that’s without accounting for the influence they have on household spending.” (Forbes)

Being able to interact with, appeal to, and understand this generation is definitely going to be vital to the business world for years to come!