If you're a Realtor, you know how important it is to develop a memorable brand that resonates with your clients. But, did you know that only 24% of Realtors are including a personal website into their brand package? 🖥 So the question is, do realtors need websites?
In a time where over 50% of home buyers are finding their next homes through the internet, it is necessary to have a strong web presence in order to ensure that you and your listings stay top-of-mind for potential clients! So to answer our question, YES realtors DO need websites!
Besides just enhancing your brand, websites provide you with a platform to market yourself as an industry leader. We recommend linking tools like mortgage calculators, access to MLS listings, and tips to make the home buying process easier! Being able to see more than just homes for sale on your website lets viewers know that you are a leading resource to get answers to any real estate question they have. 
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