There are so many unique ways to promote your product or service, but why are only 9% of small businesses using the second largest search engine to do so? This #MarketingMonday, let’s talk about how to utilize YouTube in your social media marketing strategy. 📺 

“68% of YouTube users watched a video to help them make a purchase decision.” (Hubspot)

For any major social media platform, there are tips and tricks that can help to optimize your content. Whether you are planning on posting a testimonial, explainer, or how-to video, this list will never fail you. Let’s dive right in! ⏬ 

USE SHORT & ATTENTION GRABBING TITLES TO PROMOTE VIEWS. The important thing here is to come up with a title that not only represents your message, but creates a “must see” feel for viewers. This process should not include weeks and weeks of stressful decision making, but should be considered carefully.

KNOW HOW TO CREATE A VIDEO THUMBNAIL. A thumbnail can many times provide viewers with their first impression of your video. This is the frozen image that pops up when a video is displayed from search, and setting this photo is simple! (My Account>My Videos>Edit). Here you can choose the image that best represents the content of your video. If you want to create something unique that grabs viewers attention, you can even create your own!

KEEP VIDEO LENGTH IN THE 5 MIN RANGE. According to Hootsuite, 1.9 billion logged-in users visit YouTube monthly. This means that there is going to be competition in who gets attention. You want viewers to watch the entire video you spend time creating, so 5 minutes or less should allow them to keep their focus and remain interested while receiving your message.

BRAND YOUR CHANNEL. Make it your goal to develop a common theme across videos. This way you are branding yourself while becoming recognizable to potential customers and clients. Consistency is going to be key here. How will you present your videos? Vlog style? Interview style? Screenshare? Will you have a routine time for posting? 

USE CALL TO ACTIONS! These can be a variety of statements like “Find us on Facebook!”, “Check out our blog to learn more!”, or “Subscribe to our channel.” YouTube even allows for overlay text across videos, providing the perfect space for your CTA. 

 Whether your goals involve product sales or customer engagement, these tips will take you to the top when it comes to using YouTube in your marketing strategy. Interested in learning more about using video to promote your business? Schedule a free discovery call with our team!➡️