It has become clear that video attracts both sellers and buyers in the real estate industry. Video helps you get more listings and increases sales. People are seeking out video. Google has taken notice as well with their purchase of Youtube and videos appearing in search results. If you haven’t noticed, pay attention next time you search for something on Google. You will likely see videos included in your results. It is believed that by 2017 74% of all internet traffic will be video. Using video for your listings can set you apart or help you to keep up with your competition. Even though we have seen it proven time and again that video is a real difference-maker, it is still incredibly underutilized as a marketing and selling tool. When you think of video for real estate, you are probably envisioning video home tours and walk-throughs. These are certainly great assets when selling your real estate listings. They give people a real sense of what it is like to be in the property. They illustrate the personality and feel the property has. There is another kind of video, however, that can make an incredible difference when you want to get more listings for your real estate business. These are videos that feature and sell YOU. They show who you are and why you are different. These videos can change everything when it comes to attracting more potential sellers. The videos can feature you or even graphics that illustrate who you are and why you are the right choice for sellers. Adding this personal video to your web properties can benefit you in multiple ways. Videos on landing pages significantly increase your chances of being found on page 1 of Google results. Web pages with video also see a huge increase in conversion rates (this means that people take the action you want them to on your site). Videos are also shared more that 12x more than text and links combined. Any one of these reasons would make having these videos worth it. The three of them together mean that not having video on your page is basically like not even trying. Website visits, on average, last just 50 seconds on pages without video. When we look at website visits on pages with video, that time jumps to over 5 minutes. Home sellers and buyers are making it a point to look for video. They’re choosing to watch videos instead of looking at photos more often. It should be obvious that you want to be the option they choose. You want to have that video available.