How does one measure success? In each aspect of life there are certain boxes we check off to determine our own success or achievement of goals. We decide what it means to have accomplished something and assess ourselves accordingly. If you’re going on a diet, you know you’ve succeeded when you look better, feel better, or lose weight. Sometimes though, there are certain areas of our lives that just aren’t as easy to track. 

If you’re field of choice is Real Estate Marketing, you know this to be true. Am I successful if I make sales? Am I successful if people are talking about me? There’s an old saying that says, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” This #MarketingMonday, let’s lay out 3 metrics that will help you in measuring your real estate marketing success. 


Visits are the starting point, and can come in a few different forms. These can include traffic to your website, followers on social media, or simply any initial interaction by a potential customer. This is where it all starts- when someone becomes interested in what you can offer them. You may even want to dig deeper and look at which form of advertisement is generating the most visits. What’s catching your target market’s eye? This will allow you to determine what’s working or what needs some help. 


Following those visits, or that initial spark comes the action. Leads translate into individuals that are actually proven to be interested in what you can offer. Much like visits, leads can come in a number of different shapes or forms. For example, these could be people that have completed forms on your website, requested information on a specific listing, or downloaded one of your resources! Like I said, leads are PROVEN. Measuring them shows you that your branding is working, and you’re making noise. 


Hopefully what comes next from those leads are closings! Whether you’re adding more listings or closing more homes, you are witnessing the most visible metric of real estate marketing success. This phase of measuring success can even be taken a step further. If you’re certain that you’ve landed a satisfied customer, you are looking at an awesome opportunity for a testimonial. You’ve done everything right, so why not ask that person to speak on that?

If you’re interested in elevating or measuring your real estate marketing success, schedule a free discovery call with our team today. 📞🤝