Why should the public believe that your products and services are amazing if you’re the only one talking about them? They shouldn’t right? That’s why we look at the reviews on Amazon, search for business’ social profiles, and ask our friends for recommendations. We do all of these things in search of social proof. So what is it anyways? And how can you implement it into your own marketing strategy? Join us this #MarketingMonday to learn about using social proof! 🗣📲

Social proof is simple. It’s what over 90% of consumers ages 18-34 look for when making a purchase decision! (Hootsuite) People want to know why they should hire YOUR landscaping business over the four others in your area. And they’ll check out many different channels before coming to a conclusion. Let’s look at some ways your business can develop and use social proof…


Brag on yourself a little! Or better yet, allow your most satisfied customers to. Acquiring these may seem a tad intimidating, but happy customers are almost always willing to share their positive experience! After getting your hands on one, you may add it your website or even post it to your social platforms. Put a name and face to the positive feedback you’re getting. Show the public your real-life customers are glad they chose to give you business. 


Much like testimonials, online reviews prove to a potential customer that you provided something someone liked. The only difference is, you don’t have to ask for these! These are done completely voluntarily- which almost make them appear more credible. A man ate at your restaurant and geeked out over the chicken sandwich. Enough so that he left a review on Google about it! SCORE! Keep in mind though, not all online reviews are positive ones. As a pro-tip, check these often. These reviews also play a major role in local SEO, or search engine optimization. If you have a higher number of reviews, you will appear faster when searched for on Google in your area. 


What’s better than having “fans” that support your brand enough to share it with the rest of the world? And from their own social platforms may I add! Influencers are paid or unpaid individuals that use their digital voice to advertise your product, service, or business. For example, imagine that you work for a skin-care company. One of your loyal customers might post a video of themselves using your 3-step face solution. They even tag you. How’s that for advertising? It adds a personal aspect that you can’t create as easily on your own. Whether that is done using a story, post, video, or mention- they are getting your name out there. And helping it become recognizable! 

Developing this social proof is exactly what it sounds like. Prove that you deserve to compete with the ten other businesses in your area doing what you’re doing. And make this proof available to anyone that’s curious about you! Think about the difference it could make in your marketing plan!

If you’re interested in bettering your business by using social proof, schedule a free discovery call with our team today! ☎️