Let’s face it...old school, word-of-mouth marketing is slowly taking the backseat. Businesses both big and small are fiercely competing for attention in the world of social selling. We all want to build relationships with our clientele and create a lasting impression. But what are consumers after? Today, we’re going to go over what’ll stop your average consumer in their tracks...your brand experience.🗣 

For starters, we have to address what brand experience really is. Quite different from “user experience,” this is what your typical consumer will encounter with your brand. Thoughts, feelings, conversation…really anything that connects them to you. So here’s where it gets fun! Making your brand experience a positive one.


This should be the easiest part of your brand experience. You know who you are, so share it with the world! This includes what’s important to your business- it’s key values and goals. Definitely it’s mission. Each of these things should be clearly communicated to each person that comes across your brand. What makes you different from the businesses that are selling the exact same idea, product, or service you are?


Think about how long it takes you to form a judgement. This just goes to show how quickly a consumer can decide how they feel about you, your business, and what you have to offer. So be relatable- tell a story in everything that you do and create a feeling that potential customers can connect with. Once you’ve defined who you are, show them why. And then show them why they should care.


It’s becoming easier every day to interact with others online. After you’ve really nailed it in showcasing who you are and why, your next step is building relationships with your consumers. Real relationships. Whether that’s by posting interactive content to your social media accounts, or taking the time to answer an in depth question online- this pays off tremendously. We’ve all had at least one positive encounter with a business that really made us feel valued...so take that experience and recreate it

What’s important to remember is that branding is all about showing the public why they should make the conscious decision to choose YOU. 

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